Arkistot kuukauden mukaan: helmikuu 2015

Pakankyla Lego Kerho Feb 2015

Photo 01-22-2015-15.07.54

Having been busy this year building robots, it’s time to record the projects before they are dismantled to make way for fresh ideas.


Photo 01-22-2015-15.08.16

After some discussion and research about making a ’walking’ robot, this was chosen and then upgraded with red eyes and fangs…there’s a good video to accompany this whan I work out how to show it.

And Gyroboy, Straight from the EV3 programme it puts on a very impressive show, it also works much more consistently since we upgraded the firmware on the brick.

Photo 01-22-2015-15.10.49

we are though still debating just what effect the different colour controls have on his actions…

Mark and Lego Clubbies