Practising the use of Thinglink with 6th graders -Visiot

Jalavapuisto school is taking part in a national Visiot project where AR and VR things are tested in the school world. What are augmented and virtual reality and what are the differences? Read more for example here: AR vs. VR

The 6th grade students in Jalavapuisto school started by working with Thinglink. With ThingLink’s editor for 360° and VR Content you can be made into a fully unique and immersive interactive experience. And that is our goal, but while waiting for our 360 camera, I wanted the children to learn to use Thinglink in general. We have used it previously as a teacher’s tool but now the children each got their own accounts. We did a practise during our one week field trip to Marttinen, Virrat. Marttinen is a youth camp area with many exciting things to do. The children in 6K class made the Marttinen map more lively using Thinglink. Our 5K class will use the map to get to know the area before they go next year.


The one feature that we (I as a teacher) missed in the Thinglink editor is the change for all the children to easily work on one picture, adding things at the same time. There is a way around this by one person sharing the map to others but this feature didn’t work very well for us.

Espoo, Jalavapuisto school, 6th grade, Anu Kahri


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